Tim Jacobsen



Artist's Profile

Tim Jacobsen grew up in the ruggedly beautiful Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin, and he has lived there most of his adult life. While working as executive director of a nonprofit land trust, and during his frequent flights as an airplane pilot (single-engine land and sea), he has had the opportunity to see many scenic vistas and hidden-away places. He is captivated by this mystical landscape of soaring bluffs and twisting rivers and streams. He started this business to share his love of this beautiful region with others.

Driftless Dreams Studio provides fine art photographic prints, stock digital photography, as well as custom assignment photography and videography services. DDS is operated by Tim Jacobson, recipient of an Emmy Award for the documentary film Mysteries of the Driftless, and a recipient of a Communicator Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts.

More About the Driftless Region The Driftless Region is an enchanted land located around the Upper Mississippi River Valley that mysterious forces shielded for more than a million years from massive, crushing continental glaciers. The landscape is filled with rugged, stunning scenery, bizarre microclimates, deep caves, and tremendous biodiversity. The world’s oldest river meanders its way through the center, carving sublime cliffs lush with rare wildflowers. Huge Native American effigy mounds and mysterious petroglyphs remain from a thousand years ago.