Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander

Hardcore Artist


Chicago • Flat Iron Arts Building
• Coyote Art Festival 2012, 2103
• First Fridays 2011-2013
• Avondale Art Walk 2013
• Art Colony 2013
• Spectrum Show
• Quay Restaurant 2011-2013
• Mars Gallery
• Murphy Hill Gallery 2011-2012
• Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Dean's Office 2009-2013
• Chiro One - DePaul - front desk and office art work
• Ja Grill - restaurant mural
• Gold Coast Art Fair
• Hyde Park Art Fai
r • Custer Street Art Fair
• Zodiac Shoes - backdrop for trade shows
• Borderline club
• Spy Bar
• DiMarie - spa/ boutique
• Private homes/ collectors

Chicago Suburbs
Trattoria 225 - Oak Park
• Costello's Jewelry Store - Naperville
• Harrison Street Artist Co-op - Oak Park
• Oakbrook Art Fest
• Oak Park Art Fair
• Private homes/ collectors: Bloomingdale, Addison, Buffalo Grove, West Chicago, Naperville, Oak Park

• Leawood Gallery: Kansas City 2008


When I moved from the rich redwoods of California to the harsh graffiti streets of Chicago as a child, my living conditions went down but the quality of my art was about to go way up. Most say my art is like water, a dream, surreal, and anatomical, but I enjoy it most when people express surprise that I paint, sculpt, carve, faux finish, airbrush, make collages, do photography, create jewelry, and hope soon to be welding. As far as why and what I paint I guess I'm a environmental here and now painter. What makes me different from my artist friends? I would say studying form and versatility through anatomy. For years I built the entire skeleton bone by bone, 8-9 hours a day, solid then hollow. I built bones by memory, blindfolded, and carved some from wood. My teacher, George Sotos from The Drawing Workshop, also made sure I learned to draw both left and right handed. My father, William Alexander, "The Mad Man of Oak Park", took me to every art show and museum in Chicago. I grew up joining him at the Chicago Gold Coast Art Fair for about 12 years. He was a painter and sculptor who gave Oak Park a renaissance that has continued for years by starting the Harrison Street Art Co-op. Dad didn't have much money, but bought me all of the art supplies I needed when possible. The artist's life is hard, but honest. It is what you make of it, truly with your own hands. Art is a also a lifetime of study. Hardcore is a term used for artisans that make a living from their art and I have taken the road less traveled by. I rise everyday wondering how to produce the visions in my head for all to see. Here are some place's I have shown /Gold Coast Art Fair Chicago, Artistic Genius, Murphy Hill Gallery, Oakbrook fine art show, Lee Wood fine arts KS, Plaza Art Show KCMO, Quay, Mars Gallery, Glenwood Art Show, Avendale Artshow, Around the cyote, B1E gallery, Full Spectrum Art Show, Lotus Keep, A1 gallery, Trattoria225, Jackson Jung Gallery, Hide Park, Artist Co-op Oak Park, Great River Road Museum of Contemporary Art, GOD'S living room